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Work Together from Anywhere, with ReqWise

Ross Hill

In my last blog post, I highlighted some of ReqWise's features that help your team collaborate with clients across timezones and geographies. With ReqWise, you can gather information about stakeholder needs, propose software requirements and designs, and seek approval from stakeholders.

Equally important is collaboration within your team. Remote work and outsourcing is becoming increasingly common among digital and creative agencies. ReqWise makes remote work easier by getting you out of your inbox and serving as a single source of truth for your team. ReqWise also integrates with Slack, so you can receive updates, propose requirements, and give feedback directly through your Slack workspace.

ReqWise is your team's single source of truth. Collaborating on requirements and designs for a software project can be messy, and is often done over email with spreadsheets or text documents. ReqWise gets you out of your inbox and consolidates all of the project details in one place. Your ReqWise project is live-updating, so it always reflects the latest project requirements and designs. De-clutter your inbox by giving feedback on requirements from within ReqWise instead of over email.

ReqWise integrates with Slack. We've worked hard to make ReqWise fit into your existing tools and processes as seamlessly as possible. Instead of periodically checking ReqWise for updates, you can connect it to a Slack workspace so you receive updates in a channel of your choosing. You can even respond to proposed requirements from within a Slack thread and propose new features and requirements with the command /reqwise.

ReqWise integrates with Slack

A ReqWise notification in Slack

As we continue to adjust to COVID-19, many digital and creative agencies are embracing remote work and outsourcing. Software developers and project managers need better ways to collaborate with each other and with clients without meeting face-to-face. ReqWise aims to improve remote work by offering Slack integration and acting as an up-to-date repository for your requirements and designs

With ReqWise, remote work just got easier. It's free while in Beta.

Give it a try!